Religion Harms

One of the most frequent “arguments” one hears from theists is that religion doesn’t really harm anyone.

When faced with evidence either from history or their own book, they demur in some fashion. “Those are metaphorical stories” or “Those weren’t really my kind of theist”, etc.

Most of you have heard or read these things before.

This page is an effort to collect all the current events stories of religion harming people, right now, today.

[Similar pages include NukeThePope’s Vault of Heresies, and Joe. My. God.’s This Week In Holy Crimes.]



Islam – Russia (Credit: Ophelia)

Islam – Pakistan (Credit: Ophelia)

Christianity/Islam – Egypt

Christianity – Oregon

Islam – Bangladesh

Christianity – London (Credit: Ophelia)

Christianity – Washington (Credit: Ophelia)

Christianity – Oregon (Credit: Daz.)

Christianity – New Hampshire

Christianity – California

Christianity – Australia

Islam – Afghanistan

Islam – Pakistan

Judaism – Iowa (Credit: Daz.)

Islam – Kenya

Judaism – New York

Christianity – Philadephia (Credit: Jen.)

Islam – Pakistan (Credit: Ophelia.)

Judaism – Jerusalem

Christianity – Bolivia

Islam – Michigan

Christianity – Britain, Australia

Christianity – California (Credit: Daz.)

Islam – Thailand

Islam – Saudi Arabia

Christianity – New Jersey

Islam – Illinois

Christianity – Lousiana

Christianity – America

Christianity – Florida

Islam – Kuwait

Islam – Malaysia

Christianity – Ireland

Islam – India

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