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The World of Our Great-Grandmothers

Posted in art, feminism, history, politics, racism, sexism with tags , , on 27 February 2012 10:45 pm by Alice

Or Great-Great-Grandmothers, as the case may be.

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The Party of Lincoln

Posted in history, philosophy, politics with tags on 4 February 2012 1:11 pm by Alice

A few notes from my History lecture.

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Arab Spring

Posted in history, music, politics on 29 January 2012 3:36 pm by Alice

It’s been a year.

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Today in lesser known American movements:

Posted in atheism, history, philosophy, politics, religion with tags , on 23 January 2012 2:20 pm by Alice

The American Protective Association.

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Another image

Posted in atheism, history, science with tags , , on 21 January 2012 12:06 am by Alice

I promise I’ll get around to doing something more than funny pictures soon.

I Have A Dream

Posted in history, racism with tags on 16 January 2012 10:33 am by Alice

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Posted in economics, history, politics on 2 October 2011 10:19 pm by Alice

On Unemployment And Public Policy
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