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Posted in economics, miscellaneous with tags , on 5 August 2012 1:38 am by Alice

Oh hai guys!

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Pete Hoekstra

Posted in economics, feminism, politics, racism, sexism with tags , , , on 6 February 2012 3:49 pm by Alice

Do not vote for this man.

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A Rough Week

Posted in economics, miscellaneous with tags , , on 19 October 2011 8:35 pm by Alice

And it’s only Wednesday.
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Hurting Poor Women and Kids

Posted in economics, politics with tags , on 15 October 2011 9:25 pm by Alice

In the name of cost-cutting.

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Posted in economics with tags on 10 October 2011 4:56 pm by Alice

The economic prize.
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Posted in economics, history, politics on 2 October 2011 10:19 pm by Alice

On Unemployment And Public Policy
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Economics has a sexism problem

Posted in atheism, economics, feminism, sexism with tags , , on 28 September 2011 9:57 am by Alice

Name a female economist.
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