Book List

This is a list of books I enjoyed greatly and/or had an deep effect on my life.

In no real order:


Making of Economic Society – Heilbroner
Art of War – Sun Tzu
The Prince – Machiavelli
Team of Rivals – Goodwin
Roman Empire — Gibbon
Sovereign Ladies – Waller
Scots Invented the Modern World – Herman
General Theory – Keynes
Wealth of Nations – Smith
Too Big To Fail – Sorkin
Quants – Patterson


Game of Thrones Series – Martin
Beowulf – Anonymous
1984 – Orwell
Stranger In A Strange Land – Heinlein
Wuthering Heights – Bronte
Flowers For Algernon – Keyes
Foundation Series – Asimov
Hitchhiker Series – Adams
Dune Series – Herbert
Ender’s Game – Card
All Works – Kipling
All Works – Poe

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