On the lighter side


Yesterday was my birthday.

Sage was sick, so we stayed in all day, watched videos, snuggled, etc. Mr. Alice brought gifts home from work with him. I got a mortar and pestle, and a new smartphone. Which has a WordPress app, so I can update from my phone. I might even go crazy and start posting like twice a day!

Probably not. I’m not passionate about much besides equal rights and economics, it’s not every day that something comes along that I feel compelled to write about. Well, something nonfictional anyways.

[I constantly have fiction stories running through my head. There’s at least 6 novels up there, and I get obsessive, going over them…and over them. The very last thing that I want to do with my life is be a writer. I think of it as.. word-vomit. It swirls around in my head until I have to have a long sit-down and spew it all out at the keyboard. Then I save the file on a USB specifically for that purpose, and forget it ever existed. I used to indulge as often as possible, but I’m trying very hard to go cold turkey. Nobody wants an sf/fantasy author to be their President.]

I always get depressed on my birthday, part of it is getting older, and part of it is the timing, just a few weeks before the anniversary of my dad’s death on Spetember 12. And this year is a big one. Ten years since he passed.

Alright, so it was only sorta on the lighter side.

But I made cookies today! Cookies make everything all better.


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