Sexism with dinner

In which Mr. Alice disappoints.

One of our local stations runs a marathon of the tv show Cold Case in the early evening. I like to watch it when I have my supper. Mr. Alice and Sage eat earlier than I do, so she is in her room playing and he is playing Civ on the computer whilst I eat and tv-watch.

Now Mr. Alice is very smart, enlightened as it comes to things such as minority rights, gay rights and atheism, but he has a weird blind spot to sexism. (Not all that rare in the atheist community apparently.) While I was re-filling my plate (mm, taco salad!), he wandered into the kitchen to refresh his icewater, and we spoke briefly about the rain we had today. (He took the truck to work, in which, naturally, were all three of our umbrellas. Also, naturally, Sage got invited to a friends house and so we walked, umbrellaless, in the rain.) He proceeded to offhandedly mention that “the only hot chick at work today wore a white t-shirt” and that after a smoke break, the guys were all checking to see if she had gotten wet.

Now granted, I had just come from a tv commerical break in which I was subjected to this commercial:

Closely followed by this one:

So I was already annoyed. And it doesn’t help that he calls the show “Messy Hair” because the lead character’s hairstyle is not to his taste.

I point these things out and he trots out the “over-reacting” tripe. And then the “We were having a nice evening and now you’re trying to make me feel bad” one. And finishes the trifecta of “I don’t have to deal with this” excuses by pulling out the tried but true “That’s the way the world is, it’s not going to change, deal with it”.

I have many things to do and we’ve had different versions of this argument before, so I am forced to let it go. I have no recourse. So I swallowed it along with my dinner.


One Response to “Sexism with dinner”

  1. “Hot chick” talk seems to be common guy talk. To me, what made somebody interesting was whether they could talk about interesting things. So I never did dig this “hot chick” business. I guess that’s what makes me a nerd.

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