Oh hai guys!

It’s getting longer and longer between posts, I do apologize for that. Not that nothing has been happening, ’cause it has.

For example, I finished my degree in Economics, Sage turned 10, I’ve been failing miserably at the job market, Sage had an awesome season of Swim…

However, I haven’t had the time to sit down, organize a post, etc. Any time I spend on the computer is turned toward scrolling through endless job boards trying to find someone to hire me before the payments on the $60,000 debt I’ve just finished incurring begin.

I also haven’t had much outside of my personal life (which is, let’s face it, fairly dull) to really inspire me to write. I’m fairly bored with this election season (I know, bad liberal! but I just can’t get excited about any of my candidates), other than the Chik-fil-A bit, which was handled better elsewhere than I could do, no real outrages or such have crossed my path, though I’ve admittedly been extremely isolated, considering I only just got television back in time for the Olympics (Sage hasn’t missed a Swim race!), and I haven’t caught any internet news that hasn’t been posted by my Facebook friends.

I did run across an interesting article today in the NYTimes, which, in lieu of any deep content here, I will link to. I thought it was interesting, if not surprising in the least. Even some of the American atheists that I know tend towards these sentiments.

Also, a friend of mine is new come to WordPress. Go say hello.

EDIT: Fixed NYTimes link.


4 Responses to “Update”

  1. Ooh, ‘ello!

    When you say ‘finished’ your degree, I take it that means you don’t know yet how well you’ve done? (Being an unedumacated slob, I’m not sure how these things are decided.)

    Hope the job thing picks up. I’m still in much the same boat, though not, thankfully, with a multi-thousand pound debt looming. How does the title ‘Chancellor of the Exchequer’ grab you? We could do with one who actually knows summat about economics. Accommodation is thrown in, I gather, though the neighbour—chap by the name of Dave—is best avoided…

    Congratulations to Sage on the swimming, and on reaching double-figures! Mr Alice is also fine, I hope?

    (Your NY Times link: you linked it to your friend’s blog, which I shall check out in a sec.)

  2. HI:)

    Ah, no, I’ve finished everything that I need to do for the degree, and have recieved an official letter to that effect. However, the university denied me financial aid for my final semester, so I owe them $1200 for that last course before I can get my official diploma.

    That’d be fantastic. I’ll have to start studying up for UK citizenship.

    Mr. Alice has been working sporadically, things aren’t steady, a bit up and down in the auto market right now. He’s been playing a lot of Counterstrike and Civ V to pass the time. Otherwise healthy and happy.

    Bit of something to make you smile: Sage and I were discussing how she came into this world during her birthday. Mr. Alice came home from work that day, having left before she got up in the morning, gave her a big hug and told her, “Ten years ago was the happiest day of my life.” She looked up at him and queried, “When Mama was in a lot of pain?” We laughed for quite a while at that one.

    Link is fixed, thanks for the heads up. Figures I’d botch something simple after not doing this for a while!

  3. Congrats on the degree!

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