A day in the life

I thought perhaps y’all might like to know how I spend my days away from you, and why I’ve posted so rarely recently.

This is today’s schedule:

5:00 am: Get up, get Sage up, take Mr. Alice to work.
6:00 am: Get back, go back to bed.
7:30 am: Get back up, get Sage back up, get her ready for school.
8:15 am: Take Sage to school.
9:00 am: Get home, make coffee, sit down at the computer and research stocks.
9:30 am: Buy or sell whatever stocks I’ve decided to for the game.*
10:00 am: Alternate doing chores and homework with checking my portfolio/making trades as needed.
11:30 am: Drive to my university.
1:00 pm: Class.
3:30 pm: Drive home.
4:45 pm: Pick up Sage from grandmas, pick up Mr. Alice from work.
5:00 pm: Get home, make dinner for Mr. Alice.
5:30 pm: Take Sage to swim.
7:00 pm: Get home from swim, make Sage dinner while she showers, put Mr. Alice to bed.
8:00 pm: Homework/practicing with Sage.
8:30 pm: Put Sage to bed.
9:00 pm: Watch Criminal Minds.
10:00 pm: Watch CSI.
11:00 pm: Watch local news.
11:30 pm: Bedtime!

Hope all y’all have a good day!

*The game is part of my Financial Economics class. We are given 100K virtual dollars and asked to buy and sell just as if we actually investing. You can find it here if you are interested.


3 Responses to “A day in the life”

  1. And what, may I ask, are you doing in all that spare time between 23:30 and 05:00? Lazing in bed, I suppose. Tut!

    Seriously, that’s one helluva schedule. Kudos!

  2. More like, laying sleepless in bed running over what I’ve to do on the morrow!

    And now the A/C’s gone out and I’ve no idea where I’m to come up with the funds for repair. Oi, what a couple of weeks…

  3. I know that feeling well. I can’t remember the last time I knew for definite I’d have enough for the rent by rent day. So far I’ve just about managed, but it gets more worrying every month.


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