It has been a while.

Daz reminds me that I’ve been remiss as to keeping this updated recently.

Several factors came together to occupy my attention for March and April.

The school has initiated a series of tests for my daughter, in order to ascertain if she has ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or more specifically, Asperger’s.

Then some mean old nasty person got into my emails and a couple of sites, and I found, once that was resolved, that I had a serious distaste for being online for a while.

The last two weeks of April were finals week, and I spent every free moment studying, which seems to have paid off.  I got three As and an A-.

The weekend after finals my scouts and I went to camp, and then on Monday I started the final class of my undergraduate degree, Financial Economics.  In which, we are playing a stock market game, which I happen to be doing rather poorly at. 

I also applied for graduation, and I will graduate the day after my birthday this summer.


4 Responses to “Reminded.”

  1. I have a friend whose son is being tested for the same. Here’s hoping both are false alarms.

    Did the hacker get anything crucial?

  2. Fortunately no, none of my real life things were attacked. It was primarily my atheist things.. the email I use for that stuff, a couple of sites that I subscribe to/comment at, my reddit account..

  3. You figure someone harvested your mail from a comment board? Which thought doth give me to wonder about my bank-problem over Christmas…

  4. Aye. Hm, yes, that could be a clue there as well..

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