Conservatives vs. Liberals

We’ve all got that cousin, right?

That one that passive-aggressively posts shit like this and says they’re glad not to have any liberals around?

Okay, maybe not. But I do.

Some lady (who wrote some religious book) wrote an Op-Ed in the LATimes about how she can’t talk to liberals.

Here are some highlights:

Tell a liberal that you hope President Obama will be defeated in the upcoming election, and you’ll be branded a racist. Voice your opposition to same-sex marriage, and you’re a homophobe. Express outrage at the idea of building a mosque on the spot where one of the planes’ fuselages fell in the 9/11massacre, and you’re an Islamophobe. If you support the tea party, or Rick Santorum for president, or defunding Planned Parenthood, or setting up credible border enforcement, you could be all of the above plus more: anti-woman, anti-poor-people, anti-tolerance and a “fascist” to boot.

Liberals simply assume that if you possess a post-secondary degree and you’ve heard of Plato, you too would like to try Dick Cheney for war crimes and boycott the Lowes home improvement chain because it pulled its advertising from “American Muslim.”

“Women like pretty things,” I said. OMG! I looked around at the three learned but liberal female professors on the committee, their smiles suddenly frozen into rictuses, groans issuing from their lips.

You can’t say that guys really do drive better than girls. You can’t say that girls are worse at math. You can’t even say “girls.”

Here’s a hint: stop saying racist, sexist, homophobic shit. It might help.


6 Responses to “Conservatives vs. Liberals”

  1. Blimey, ‘ello stranger!

    I was starting to think you’d caught terminal offline-itis! How’s you and yours? Okay I hope.

  2. Fairly well, thanks. And you?

  3. Pretty good thanks. I just keep on keepin’ on, like.

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