Pete Hoekstra

Do not vote for this man.

During the Superbowl, Pete Hoekstra ran this ad.

And just look at this website.

From TPM

A member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has written a letter to Rep. Pete Hoekstra asking him to stop airing an ad featuring an Asian American actress pretending to speak broken English.

“I urge you to stop airing this offensive ad immediately and to reconfigure your website to remove the smear of ignorance and bigotry that permeates every page,” Commissioner Michael Yaki wrote in a letter sent to Hoekstra on Monday morning.

Yaki wrote to express his “deep disgust and offense” at “blatantly racist anti-Asian ad” that first aired in Michigan during the Super Bowl broadcast. The ad brands Hoekstra’s opponent Sen. Debbie Stabenow as “Debbie Spend-It-Now” and features a website with Chinese writing.

“There are plenty more effective and factual means of communicating issues surrounding job flight or job loss with China, or any country for that matter, that do not resort to using a phony accent, pidgin English, and scenery and music designed to evoke an atmosphere that plays on stereotypes that Asian Americans have fought against for decades,” Yaki wrote. “The defense offered by someone in your campaign that they were attempting to portray the educational advances in China (using bad grammar?) shows how little thought was given to the offense your ad would inflict on Asian Americans.”

But, wait! There’s more:
On Abortion:

Peter Hoekstra voted in favor of the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act of 2006 [which required] informing the mother as to the age of the child and informing the mother that the child could experience pain during the procedure.

On Gay Marriage:

Peter Hoekstra voted in favor of the 2006 constitutional amendment attempt[…] to establish that marriage shall consist of one man and one woman. It sought to ensure that no measure enacted in one state could be enforced in another state.

On War:

Peter Hoekstra voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

On the Economy:

Peter Hoekstra voted against Small Business Jobs Tax Relief Act of 2010, against the legislation to tax bonuses to TARP recepients, against the Wall Street Reform Legislation.

Do not vote for this man.


4 Responses to “Pete Hoekstra”

  1. On a side issue I’ve never really grokked: What is it with all the fuss about ads during the superbowl? People seem to talk about them as if they’re as important as the game; critiquing them, rating them and so on. Whereas over here, power companies can tell when adverts come on during a popular programme because of the surge as kettles get switched on—ads are just an opportunity to leave the room to make a cuppa, nip to the loo etc.

    Doesn’t it say summat about a nation if they treat blatant attempts to persuade them to buy summat they don’t need as an art form worthy of critique?

    Oh, and here’s Giles from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, on American ‘football’…

    “I just think it’s rather odd that a nation that prides itself on its virility should feel compelled to strap on forty pounds of protective gear just in order to play rugby.”


  2. We seem to have a love/hate relationship with our commercials. We actually have conversations frequently that go something like this:

    “I’ve been walking all day, I feel like the Geico gecko.”
    “Oh, I just love the one where he’s walking through the amber waves of grain and it’s just a parking lot.”
    “I really liked the caveman ones.”
    “Oh yes, the subway one, back in the day was my favorite of that.”

    We critique and discuss tv commercials like they’re mini-movies. A good commercial will get passed on, posted to Facebook, and discussed frequently. Such as: Jake from State Farm which made us giggle, and now when someone asks, “Who are you talking to?” we’ve been answering “Jake from State Farm”.

    Or this one:

    which made all of us Detroiters a little verklempt and it was posted by everyone I know.

    Commercials are an art form of sorts, I think. There are some we talk about decades later. -pondering- I dunno what it says about us… That we admire the art of the sell, maybe? Cause even when we’re ripped off, we do tend to get that tinge of admiration for someone who’s been particularly clever about it. I’ll have to think on this more.

    I think Americans like their violence sanitized, maybe? I tried to watch rugby once on the CBC but there was blood and black eyes and they hurt each other, and I got squeamish. An Australian ex-pat friend of mine made a similar comment to your Giles, and I couldn’t explain it then either.

    I enjoy American football… It’s like a chess match between two coaches, who have to design a strategy, then delegate most decisions to others, and are playing with pieces that have free will and frailties.

    However, I like the commercials more. ;)

  3. Rugby was the only sport I was ever any good at. I played as a (you may snicker) hooker, the bloke right in the middle of the scrum. Painful, but fun.

  4. I did soccer and karate and gymnastics as a kid, but by middle school I was playing basketball and throwing shot/disc for the track team. I lettered all four years in Track, two years in basketball.

    I wasn’t particularly good at basketball but I liked it. I was a fairly decent shotput thrower. I never went on to play any sport at the university level. I went for Marching Band instead.

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