White Knighting?

Apparently I’ll be talking about my classes much more this semester.

Prior to Statistics today, myself and the other girl in the class were comparing our homeworks. It was a huge assignment and some of the formulas were rather tricky, I thought. In fact, she caught a mistake I had made, and vice versa. So there we were collaborating while another student walked in.

He then butted in, asking our answer to stuff. Politely, we both offered a couple of results to his specific questions. At which point, he began to explain why I was wrong on a particular point. I double-checked my formula, double-checked the numbers in my formula, and then re-did the calculations with my TI-84.

I came up with the same answer I had on my paper. He tried to explain to me where he thought I went wrong, which was not the formula I was using. I then tried to explain to him why I had what I had and he interrupted with, “That’s the same thing.” and continued to argue his point. I shrugged as the professor came in and then turned in my homework with the others.

The guy then raises his hand and asks if the professor can go over it once more. The professor says it just like I did, and then the male student answers with, “Okay yeah, because there was some question, I mean, hers [pointing to me] was incorrect, she didn’t get it.” I was floored, and then I was furious. I managed a weak chuckle and a headshake as the professor asked if I had any questions.

Class went along as usual and then at the end of class, the professor handed out an answer key to the homework. Guess who had the right answer? I’ll give you a hint: ME. I casually glanced at the paper and tucked it away, as if I had forgotten all about earlier, carefully not looking at the guy who had embarrassed me. Because I really wanted to say something.

I really got the vibe that he thought he was helping me, first by butting in and telling the two girls where they were going wrong, and then by asking the question that he (maybe) thought I was too shy? timid? to ask. It would have been nice if he had come over after class and apologized but I certainly didn’t expect it.

If there’s anything that annoys me, it’s “coming to my rescue” when I do not need help.


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