Arab Spring

It’s been a year.

As most of you know, I was once a classically trained musician. Though I no longer create music, I still keep my ear to the ground. (Sidenote: That’s a truly odd phrase, perhaps from some native time when one listened for hoofbeats or something?)

I came across this piece a young Arab-American composer wrote about the Arab Spring, and I found it incredible. Though his inspiration was the Egyptian Revolution in particular, I can see all of the uprisings. The videos from the news, images from Facebook and Twitter, recall blog posts I read; all of it is in this piece. If you are at all inclined towards this type of music, I encourage you to close your eyes and let it tell you its story.


One Response to “Arab Spring”

  1. Astounding! You’re right. It really does summon up all those images.

    Really love the ‘improv’ feel to the clarinet part. It isn’t improvised, I know, but it kinda has that feel to it.

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