10 years

Uniquely heinous in the “shit churches do to fuck people up” category, is the Catholic Church’s ever-widening, ongoing, never-ending child abuse scandal.

It’s been ten years since the Boston Globe broke the story of the recurring pattern of child abuse in the Catholic Church.

Ever-spiraling outward, the claims of abuse are now in the thousands around the world.

Guess how many priests have gone to jail?


Some sources say 38, some say closer to 80. BishopAccountability.org is an attempt to find out.

Only 11 out of 52 of the known child molesting priests in the Detroit Archdiocese were convicted of their crimes.

That’s just America. The BBC has a brief overview of the global scandal surrounding the church, including this interesting little tidbit.

…within the Regensburg Domspatzen school boys’ choir that was directed for 30 years by Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, the Pope’s brother.

There was a woman on the NPR program I listened to today, who claimed that things were all different now. I call bullshit. We all know that the Pope has come out a few times and apologized but talk is cheap.

Until there is a systematic housecleaning, and offering up of these monsters to the criminal courts, his apologies are worthless, and nothing has really changed.


3 Responses to “10 years”

  1. I learned what molestation and sexual abuse meant after hearing a bunch of radio reports and pulling out the dictionary to figure out what was going on with the Catholics. Coincidentally, that was the last year my family was part of the Church.

  2. I recall it hitting me so strongly. I was pregnant with my daughter, and admittedly somewhat hormonal, but I cried for those poor children.

    If there’s anything that puts me into a blind rage, it’s when I see innocents abused by someone they have been told to put their faith and trust in.

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