Today in lesser known American movements:

The American Protective Association.

In my American History class, we are doing some reading from the late 1800s, and one of them was
The Secret Oath of The Secret Oath of the American Protective Association. I thought all you history buffs out there might appreciate this one.

I do most solemnly promise and swear that I will always, to the utmost of my ability, labor, plead, and wage a continuous warfare against ignorance and fanaticism; that I will use my utmost power to strike the shackles and chains of blind obedience to the Roman Catholic church from the hampered and bound consciences of a priest-ridden and church-oppressed people; that I will never allow anyone, a member of the Roman Catholic Church, to become a member of this order, I knowing him to be such; that I will use my influence to promote the interest of all Protestants everywhere in the world that I may be; that I will not employ a Roman Catholic in any capacity, if I can procure the services of a Protestant.

I furthermore promise and swear that I will not aid in building or maintaining, by my resources, any Roman Catholic church or institution of their sect or creed whatsoever but will do all in my power to retard and break down the power of the Pope, in this country or any other; that I will not enter into any controversy with a Roman Catholic upon the subject of this order, nor will I enter into any agreement with a Roman Catholic to strike or create a disturbance whereby the Catholic employees may undermine and substitute their Protestant co-workers; that in all grievances I will seek only Protestants, and counsel with them to the exclusion of all Roman Catholics, and will not make known to them anything of any nature matured at such conferences.

I furthermore promise and swear that I will not countenance the nomination, in any caucus or convention, of a Roman Catholic for any office in the gift of the American people, and that I will not vote for, or counsel others to vote for, any Roman Catholic, but will vote only for a Protestant, so far as may lie in my power (should there be two Roman Catholics in opposite tickets, I will erase the name on the ticker I vote); that I will at all times endeavor to place the political positions of this government in the hands of Protestants, to the entire exclusion of the Roman Catholic Church, of the members thereof, and the mandate of the Pope.

To all of which I do most solemnly promise and swear, so help me God.


Change a few words, such as Protestant to Christian and Catholic to non-Christian, and you get a manifesto that has a striking resemblance to certain modern day affiliations.

And this bit (via Wikipedia) sounds eerily similar to the anti-gay campaigns of today.

It was most active between 1891 and 1897. Many members were Irish Protestants who belonged to the anti-Catholic Orange Order or German and Scandinavian Lutherans. The APA’s goals included restricting Catholic immigration, making ability to speak English a prerequisite to American citizenship, removing Catholic teachers from public schools and banning Catholics from public offices. It sponsored countrywide tours of purported ex-priests and “escaped” nuns, who related horrific tales of mistreatment and abuse.

Ah, the good old days.


8 Responses to “Today in lesser known American movements:”

  1. Funny, I read some apologist the other day, saying that religion is a force for unification.

    Translated, I’ve come to the rather cynical conclusion that ‘unification’ just means ‘bigger mobs’.

  2. -derisive snort- I’ve never seen anything so divisive in my life.

  3. Also, on a completely random unrelated note, did you see this?

    Tea Party demands slavery references be removed

  4. Christ almighty on a three-wheeled pogo stick! How the hell does anyone manage to get voted in as the local dog-catcher, let alone higher office, when they’re as dumb as that?

    If these folks get into power come the elections, where would you like the red-cross parcels of Steven Hawking books and David Attenborough videos sent?

    Summat else I noticed, in the comments under the article. They’re talking about revisions of history books:

    “Jeffrey Sherrod – heh, the ones form ww2 when the USSR was our allies is always good for a laugh ;p”

    Now, forgetting for the moment that Churchill and Roosevelt knew exactly what Stalin was like (Churchill actually said something to the effect that he would make a deal with the devil, talking about Stalin), just look at that grammar!

  5. It baffles me. There’s this mindset that exploded when I wasn’t looking, where people would rather have dumbasses in power. Hence, George W. Bush and the popularity of Sarah Palin.

    We’ll have to disguise them somehow, maybe hollow out a bible…

    -facepalm- Serious history comprehension fail.

    Michigan keeps getting more and more purple as the population of Detroit declines, and the rural redzone that is the rest of the state becomes stronger.

    • Every time I see colours assigned to areas in the US I double-take. Most places, red=left (the Red Flag an’ all that) and blue=right. Wonder how it got switched around, over there. Mind, I suppose republicanism would have the liberal position at independence, versus the absentee aristocratic, Tory English landowners; maybe that’s it.

  6. Ooh, ooh, I know this one! It started in 2000. They’ve always used colored maps to show voting differences, but each outlet used its own color scheme. Then, starting with NBC, I think, they all moved to red and blue as it began to drag on. And the rest is History. A completely arbitrary color choice, and now it’s hardwired into our national consciousness. Ah, America…

  7. Damn. My idea made so much sense, too.

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