It’s Sunday

The day Christians gather together to circlejerk about how great they are. (Saturday is the day for the Jews, Friday for the Muslims, in case you were keeping track.)

They show themselves examples of the much touted love and/or peace.

Well, I’ve got some examples too.

Poland – Woman fined for doubting Bible. Very loving.

Indonesia – Man jailed for doubting God’s existence. Quite peaceful.

UK – Peaceful Muslims threaten and frighten

Alaska – Loving Christians fight for the right…to hatefully discriminate.

Israel – Oh, I haven’t forgotten the Jews.

The tensions came to a head three months ago when an Israeli doctor, a woman, being awarded a pediatric prize was told she would have to sit at a table separate from her husband and would not be able to appear the podium to accept her award — all because the acting health minister was an ultra-Orthodox and insisted on the event adhering to the standards of the ultra-Orthodox community. The doctor, a professor of pediatrics, Channa Maayan, took the slights in stride, but the outrage from the more secular parts of Israeli society was swift and pointed.

The situations has only deteriorated. In the intervening weeks, girls have been spit on while walking to school for not dressing with “proper” levels of modesty. At another conference, the Times reported, this one on women’s health and Jewish law, women were not allowed to speak. Women’s faces have been blacked out on billboards.

Happy peace and love, people.


2 Responses to “It’s Sunday”

  1. The Israel story:

    I said at the time, elsewhere, that anyone who can seriously call a prepubescent child ‘immodest’ in that context is projecting a sexuality on to her that no normal adult would see. Basically, I wouldn’t want them anywhere near any children, in case such fantasies get acted on.

    And merry Sunday to you, too. :-)

  2. Indeed. Methinks he dost protest overmuch.

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