I Have A Dream

Side note: Figured out what was wrong with the computer, just gonna take money to fix.


6 Responses to “I Have A Dream”

  1. How’s this for a fast reply?

    Hellooooo! What’s up with it?

  2. I had a brief moment of imagining that you have been sitting there for days waiting for me to post. Then I realized that you probably get an email when I post, just like I do you.

    The battery got corrupted, so that not only would it not hold a charge, but it was sucking energy such that when the battery is in the machine, it will not start even when plugged into the wall, because all power was being diverted to the battery.

    I can use the laptop now, but without the battery in it, and only when plugged in. The issue is that there are not that many plugs to begin with in this little apartment, and so I must sit on the floor in the dining room or in the hallway near the bathroom.

    A new battery will cost somewhere between $150 and $200. Which I do not have right now. I will try to be on more often, even if only briefly.

    • Yep, I’m sat at the computer (in a chair, at a desk:-) ) with Thunderbird open, so I get the mails right away.

      $150 to $200? Gadzooks! Wouldn’t a mains extension lead be cheaper, for now?

      • Erm, I mean ‘of course I was waiting breathlessly for you to post. I sit here all day refreshing your homepage…’


        Seriously, though, good to see you’re back-ish. How’s things with you and yours?

  3. Yes, I suppose it would, I hadn’t even considered that to be honest. It wouldn’t solve the underlying problem, naturally, but it would provide me with more comfort in the interim, provided Mr. Alice and Sage don’t take it into their head to trip over the cord. ;)

    -snicker- Yes, I’m aware you have nothing better to do than await whatever pearls of wisdom I choose to graciously bestow upon my audience.

    We’re alright, had a nice holiday, back into the swing of things. Sage continues in swimming class, I continue with my degree, with the caveat that this is my last term of monetary aid, one course shy of a degree. Still working out how to pay for that but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Mr. Alice works, not much else new.

    Hope things are looking up for you, I did catch your post about the holiday thievery, I trust it’s all been handled by now?

  4. Nah, I have a horrible feeling that money’s gone for good. Twas done by hacking my ISP provided email address, so as far as the bank’s concerned the transactions (via paypal) were legitimate. PayPal say roughly the same.

    Still, I’m getting regular work at the mo, so apart from the lost savings it’s not too bad. At least the bills and rent are covered. Sounds like you’re in roughly the same position.

    Ah, tip from an ex mobile-DJ. Duct tape or masking tape (decent quality, not the cheap stuff that peels off after five minutes) is your friend, when trailing wires across walked-over areas. Couple of small lengths across the wire, and one running along it, so you end up with a kind of mini speed-bump. Doesn’t work too well on deep-pile carpet, mind.

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