Transgendered Girl Scouts

Recently, in Denver, a 7-year old transgender child was accepted into a girl scouts organization. Naturally a bunch of Christo-fascists resigned in protest. This follows the mass resignations after “God” was redefined as “whatever the girl thinks God is”.

Girl Scout Troops in Trans Panic

After a Denver Girl Scout troop decided to allow a 7-year-old transgender child into the troop — reiterating that Girl Scouting was about empowerment and inclusion — a representative from Colorado’s statewide organization, Rachelle Trujillo, told The Christian Post that “if parents brought a child to a meeting, and the child is recognized in the community as their daughter, then the Girl Scouts accept that. We don’t require proof of gender.”

She went on to emphasize that inclusion policies should be handled, as they always have been, at a regional level.

While parents of trans kids applauded the decision, apparently not all Girl Scout moms were happy. According to The Christian Post, three troop leaders in rural Louisiana resigned their posts and are dissolving their troops over the inclusive policy. All three leaders were affiliated with Northlake Christian School in the town of Covington.

Those leaders called a trans welcoming policy “extremely confusing” and “dangerous situation.” Their former Girl Scout troops are now expecting to align themselves with the American Heritage Girls, a Christian organization that was founded in 1995 in response to the Girl Scouts’ decision to let scouts use a word other than “God” in their pledge.

And this is one of the many reasons why I continue to put so much time and effort into this organization.


3 Responses to “Transgendered Girl Scouts”

  1. You know, I keep hearing about how Christianity is all about love…

  2. You made me choke on my cocoa laughing with that one.

  3. […] wrote previously about a woman who decided that Girl Scouts were evil, and about the inclusive nature of the Girl Scout […]

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