Fixed, broken

One step forward, two steps back.

My skylights are fixed!

However, this morning my laptop died.

At least I have only one paper and one final yet to do, I will just have to do them both at the library.

I will have to save up a few weeks to be able to take the laptop in to get looked at. The holiday comes first.

From what friends can tell me though, they think it has some issue with the motherboard. (My jokes about mommy issues were apparently not funny.) It’s getting power and it will actually turn on, but then nothing happens, and the power light just blinks at me mockingly.

At any rate, you may not hear from me until mid-January.

You all have a wonderful winter holiday!


One Response to “Fixed, broken”

  1. Yoiks! At least if it’s the motherboard, any data you have stored will be recoverable.

    Merry christmas ‘n’ all that to the three of you.

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