I needed a little something to wake me up.

So, technically this is “Black Widow”, referring to a femme fetale, but the term initially came from the type of spider. What’s Halloween without spiders? (Yes there’s an English version.)

[Side note: A newer reader emailed me, asking what I meant by never getting to play yesterday’s tune. Apparently I left my musical background on the old blog.

My grandfather was a world-famous classical musician. My uncle is one. My father was a bassist in a local band, as well as being trained classically on the bassoon. My mother played clarinet and percussion. My brother plays bass out where he is at the bars and clubs with his band, also played bassoon in concert band.

I was a classically trained musician (I’ve forgotten it all by now.) majoring in flute and minoring in piano in college (until I dropped out). I played some sax and bass in a jazz band but I have an improvisation deficiency. I can sing alright but it’s not university quality. I haven’t played any instrument since my dad died 9 years ago.]

Go check out Cannonball Jones’ latest.

(I’ll add Daz’s next one here later.)


Here’s Daz with a tribute to ladies of the undead persuasion!


4 Responses to “Spiders”

  1. Here’s another fun little sidenote: My black truck is named Natasha after my favorite comic book character, Black Widow.

  2. […] I'll shut up now, ecept to say that you should check out Cannonball Jones's and Alice's latest Zombiethon posts, too. They've both put up some truly awesome numbers!—Daz Share […]

  3. Very nice. There’s always summat really catchy about folk/rock fusions, I think. (And, as ever, I have a favourite, though it’s nothing like your example.)

    My first bike, an MZ TS-125, was named Grace, ’cause it had none. :-) Oh, and it was painted camouflage…

  4. […] oot! Alice is also contributing to the Hallowe’en spirit with a tasty slice of Eurometal at Sprinklings Of Alice. Go tell it on the mountain!FacebookDiggRedditStumbleUponEmailTwitterPrintLike this:LikeBe the […]

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