Happy Birthday

I missed it.

Sometime in the last week was the one year anniversary of the Sprinklings of Alice blog start over at Blogger before they suspended the account.

(They started eliminating all names that didn’t sound like real names in the Google accounts behind the scenes.)

In that year I’ve “met” many others, most of them really good people, and a few of them became very special to me.

Thank you Amy, KK, and Daz for sticking with me through it all.

Now, for some birthday cake…


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. You're welcome. was either that or the chipmunks…

    I did find some nice doowop Happy Birthday songs, but they turned out to be romantic ballads, which might've got Mr Alice chasing me with sharp pointy objects! :-) Talking of whom, is he still coping okay, bereavement-wise? Give him my best, regarding that, anyway.

  2. Ooh– got the computer back working just in time! Happy Birthday! Go eat cake:-) Hoping to get a post up soon, but now my camera is doing something weird….

    (Google suspended your account? That’s what happened to your Blogger site? What is *up* with those people??)

  3. Hey, I like the Chipmunks too!

    Er, yes, a romantic ballad might’ve caused difficulties. (He already has some insecurities that might be exacerbated.)

    He’s been much more attentive to family since the funeral, I think he’s looking around him and seeing that his dad’s generation is going, and he’s not getting any younger. (The one year anniversary of his dad’s death is approaching too. )

    Will do!

    AMY!! I had a real-life squee moment there. :)

    Yeah, Daz figured it out. Google started getting rid of all accounts that didn’t have actual names when they launched their Google Plus scheme, and forced a real names only environment.

    (My name on that account was Elegy Sostenuto. Apparently that doesn’t sound authentic. Who knew?)

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