A Rough Week

And it’s only Wednesday.

Tuesday morning as I was walking back from dropping Sage off at school (about 4/5 blocks away, an older man passed by me on the sidewalk.

He said morning and I said good morning and then at the moment where we were shoulder to shoulder, facing the opposite way, he said something in a soft, low voice.

“Got her off to school, eh?”

I turned to look at him but he didn’t look back.

I just kept thinking about it, and eventually I went back to the school and told them about it.

He wasn’t trying to make small talk or pleasantries, I’ve never seen him before, and he at least noticed the two of us enough to note that I had one child, a little girl.

I have been a bit paranoid ever since.

The other thing is that I’ve decided to push back my graduation date a semester.

I hate to do it, but Econometrics is killing me. I’m so drowning in the math.

So next semester, I’m retaking Basic Stats, and a Pre-Calc course to bolster my mathematical foundation, and then have another go at Econometrics after that.

Here’s the interesting part, if I withdraw, I’ll lose my financial aid.

So I have to convince her to give me an Incomplete (which I don’t really qualify for) or I take an E in the course.

And then pay to take it again, while forcing me to take a whole ‘nother semester of classes.

I am paranoid and depressed today.


3 Responses to “A Rough Week”

  1. That’s … creepy.

    Internet (((hugs))) is all I can offer by way of help. :-(

  2. Oh, Alice– I just read this (missed it before somehow). *Very* good that you told the school about it. I’m completely Twin Peakes creeped out now– I hope you haven’t seen any more of him!!

    • Fortunately, no. I do keep an eye out for him, though, and I’ve gotten a little more paranoid. Like making sure that I don’t leave until I see her walk through the doors, rather than wander off when they blow the whistle to line up, etc.

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