No, thanks.

Every day, Sage’s teacher emails me an outline of what they did that day, divided up by subject.

At the end, she adds little notes such as Book Fair, PTO meetings, and the like.

At the end of today’s email, the first little note said:

*Send prayers to {random girl} and family, hoping {girl} gets better soon.

Apparently, Miss Teacher needs to go back to Civics class.

(Mr. Alice requested that I just roll with it, he would rather not shake the hornet’s nest. I’m still stewing about it though.)


2 Responses to “Email”

  1. Wait, didn’t they already double-blind that one, and find it was useless?

    If you’re undecided, Dale McGowan might be worth seeking advice from. He’s very good at sorting these things without creating huge waves.

  2. Mr. Alice is dead set against saying something to the school.

    He says one isolated incident isn’t worth it and that we’ll reevaluate if a pattern of behavior emerges.

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