Late To The Party

I missed Blasphemy Day…

[Via LOLgod]

I was busy dealing with things over here in reality.


5 Responses to “Late To The Party”

  1. Damned reality, it’s always getting in the way of real life, like that…

  2. love your post, keep rockin dude! thumbs up!

  3. Went into Sage’s room that morning, her closet was flooded. Central air unit drain pipe got clogged…

  4. Yoiks! Was there much damage?

  5. Looks like we caught it in time.

    Went through a morning of putting down towels, stomping on them until they were soaked, throwing them in the wash while applying another round, but by the afternoon, the carpet was only mildly damp.

    Mr. Alice cleaned out the gunky clog, and we put two big box fans on it overnight, it’s bone dry now.

    It didn’t get into the walls, and we didn’t feel any weakness in the floorboards, so we didn’t tear up the carpet or anything.

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