Tupperware’s Sexist Beginning

Who ever heard of Brownie Wise?

Brownie Wise was the marketing genius behind the social networking/home party format that took Tupperware from a weird thing in the department store to a multi-million dollar corporation, the first woman on the cover of Business Week due to her incredible business acumen…and no one ever heard of her.

After giving Tupperware over seven years of her life, working every waking moment, she had a disagreement with Earl Tupper, and he booted her from the company.

From Wikipedia

“…the private face of Tupper and the public one eventually headed towards irreconcilable differences as Wise’s success turned her into a celebrity. In 1958 Tupper forced Wise out. Soon after every reference to her was removed from company literature; it was as if she had never existed. She owned no stock and left with one year’s salary.”

Tupper later sold the company for 16 million dollars, and bought himself an island where he retired.


5 Responses to “Tupperware’s Sexist Beginning”

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  2. What a nice chap. Not.

    A line I noticed in the video: she was told that women had no place in management. I sometimes wish anti-feminists should be made to live for a month or two, being treated as a woman would have been back then. That’s not to say things all rosy now, but it might just give them a perception of just how unequal things can be, without people fighting for equality.

    As an aside, I used to know a woman who took advantage of Tupperware’s lifetime guarantee by buying old pieces that were heat-warped and the like at jumble sales, and getting it exchanged for new.

  3. Oh, I’ve had that thought a dozen times! Even to make them live as a woman today!

    Oh, that’s awesome, good for her.. My mom’s friend used to sell it, I recall tons of Tupperware parties when I was younger. haven’t seen ’em so much with the advent of the internet, though.

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