Economics has a sexism problem

Name a female economist.

Can’t, can you?

Yesterday, PZMyers wrote about sexism, and as part of his argument, reiterated a question that he puts on his exams, “Name a female scientist.”

I had a moment of miffedness (is that a word?), thinking, “What about other fields?” And then I realized that science is Myers’ field, he would naturally see more blatantly the sexism right in front of his face.

My field is economics. It’s my job to address the sexism inherent in my system.

I can name 6 female economists.

Diane Swonk, Sylvia Nasar, Elinor Ostrom, Amy Ramirez-Gay, Sharon Erenburg, Jennifer Rice.

Two of those wrote books that were given to me. One of those women is the only one to have won the Nobel Prize for Economics (technically known as Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel). Three of them are my professors.

Both of the economists in my blogroll are men. The CSMonitor makes the claim that female economists just don’t blog. They’re wrong.

Economists Do It With Models

Jodi Beggs, a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard, with a stack of other important pieces of paper.

Economist Mom

Diane Lim Rogers has several degrees of her own and has worked in both academia and in the government sphere.

Diane Swonk

Diane is from Detroit, got her BA and MA from the University of Michigan, and has been in the private and public sectors.

Allison Martell

Economist, feminist, journalist, working on her MA in Econ.

Susan Feiner

Susan F. Feiner is Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Professor of Economics. She is one of the founding scholars in the field of feminist economics.

Deirdre McCloskey

A transgendered economist who taught at the university level for many years.

(No word if any of them are atheists.)

So there you go. A whole host of well-qualified female economic blogs. I may not always agree with what they say, but they don’t deserve marginalization.


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