Sick to my stomach

This is a great argument for the death penalty.

Mom glued toddlers hands to wall and beat her over potty training

Dallas, Texas a 22-year-old woman faces life in prison after police say she glued her toddler daughter’s hands to a wall, kicked her in the stomach and beat her over a potty training issue.

The 2-year-old girl is on life support after being found unresponsive by her grandmother.

Police records indicate glue and paint were stuck to the girl’s palms, with skin torn away in places.


3 Responses to “Sick to my stomach”

  1. I cried. There goes my oh so manly image.

    Then I got a coffee. Then I followed the link-trail trying to find more detail but got none. I’d kind of assumed that anyone who could do that had to have some sort of mental illness or really bad drink/drug problem, but it doesn’t seem so in this case. I just don’t know how anyone could do such a thing.

    I did find this on the same site. Which gave me small laugh.

  2. Here’s a little more info.

    Hours later and I’m still physically upset from this.

    Although the drunk moose is pretty amusing…

  3. hsv-1 positive…

    […]Sick to my stomach « Sprinklings of Alice[…]…

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