Because it made me laugh

First, go read this.

That will piss you off, or more likely, confuse the hell out of you.

Then, click to read what gave me the giggles:

From PZ Myer’s commenting stream, we get these two gems.

Josh, Official SpokesGay says:

The comments section includes the best Courtier’s Reply I’ve seen in a while. I thought it was a parody at first. But no, this person really said this (my favorite part is bolded):

I’ve read the Bible is the most common statement of nonsense used by atheists to denigrate their listeners.

What language did you read it in? Have you studied the original Hebrew words and the multi-meanings of the individual letters used to make up the words? How many years did you spend studying their context to the cultural environment and target readers they were originally written for. To study the Bible is a lifetimes work and more. To infer that you have a full theological understanding of Christianity because you have “read the Bible” does nothing but display your ignorance.

To which, Brownian replies:

“Dear Humanity:

I’ve decided that the only people who can possibly live with me in heaven everlasting are humanities scholars.

For that reason, I’ve decided to encode my instructions to you in a tome that, for 5,500 years of the earth’s 6,000 year history, few of you will even be able to read. Those of you unable to study ancient Hebrew and devote your life to its biblical application, even if you’re otherwise literate and faithful, will be excluded from my special knowledge.

Enjoy hell.

Love, God.”

It ought to be on one of those demotivational posters.

I really needed that. It was a rough day.


One Response to “Because it made me laugh”

  1. If atheism was a faith, I’d want Brownian as Pope…

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