Truth and Justice

Something I wrote elsewhere, that will serve as a post while I get busy doing the gazillion things I have to do today.

When one gives up the childish idea that there MUST be a purpose behind everything, one can see much clearer.

Rather than searching for Truth, Justice (and the American way– wait, wrong movie), etc, why not start from an absolute blank and begin with, “What is out there?”

If you start searching for something with the absolute certainty that it exists, especially in a supernatural sense, you’ll tend to find everything you come across can be twisted to fit into that keyhole.

Instead of, “I believe there is Truth and I’m out to prove it,” ask, “Is there Truth? Let me consider this using the Scientific Method.”

And, of course, Daz‘s addendum, right as always.

I’d go so far as to say that that approach is actually the beginning step of the scientific method.


6 Responses to “Truth and Justice”

  1. Very agreed. I think of people being raised with a religion. People then view everything about the world through the definitions of that religion and they twist their understanding to fit that religion. I think it’s more open to learn about science and all religions, to be exposed to everything as a child, to question everything. Then, once you’re an adult, you are informed and experienced enough to choose, to narrow down if you want. Being raised with a religion is a certain kind of bias. It’s not unusual for people to never question what they are raised with because it is mixed in with loving family, community, fond childhood. To question religion would be to question all of that, in their eyes. & it is easier to stick with all that you know.

  2. “right as always”

    *squirm, blush, toe-twiddle…*

  3. Alice, you nailed it perfectly. Dan definitely is on a quest to find something he calls truth, but I don’t think it fits my definition of truth.

    Thanks for taking part in the fight.

  4. Aw, Daz, still squirmy about compliments, I see. ;)

    Agreed, KK, anytime I can, though often there’s someone more eloquent who’s already said it better than I could.

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