Religion Harms

A California couple beat their child to death in the name of God.

Part 1:

Part 2:


6 Responses to “Religion Harms”

  1. Bloody hell. Sick bastards.

    Love the way he demonstrates with a nice light switch, not the bloody great plumbing pipe.

  2. I’m rarely physically violent but that made my blood boil.

  3. In the first clip, the minister who wrote the book To Train Up A Child describes how to punish children. He says that when you tell the child what he did wrong, you explain that hitting his sister is “violent” and not acceptable. & yet he will be violent to the child by spanking him with a rod!

    In the next clip, he says, We “don’t punish” children, instead he is just trying to get their “attention”.

    He rejects using only the hands to spank because it doesn’t hurt enough!

    Their book promotes child abuse.

    No child is justified in being beaten!

    What “bad” could a 7-year-old have done to be beaten for 7 hours!

    Christians out there will denounce this and say that these people were not true Christians. Religion can be interpreted widely and used for any purpose. I still would not say that religion is inherently harmful, just that it is that versatile~can be twisted for good or bad.

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  6. I am astonished at this combination of having the knowledge and the ability to write and publish a book, and at the same time being so unimaginably ignorant.
    “In the name of Jesus”….. What a poor guidance! The name of Jesus represents some very good things in life. As an agnostic, I appreciate the “twist for good” that my Catholic wife and three children are giving to their convictions (@basic imago !).

    If you teach children to think for themselves, they will learn to separate the chaff from the wheat, and thus come easily to the conclusion that God, if he existed, would refrain from talking such “Pearly” nonsense.


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