I was offered free tickets to see the President speak locally. I declined.

I was offered a chance to be head of the local grassroots organization. I declined.

Four years ago, I might have jumped at both chances to see Obama, to work towards his presidency. I am so profoundly disappointed in him, that I want nothing to do with this campaign. I don’t want to vote for him again. He’s done nothing that I wanted him to do, and bent over for the Republicans every chance he got.

The only reason I will vote for him, is that the cast of others is far more terrifying.


3 Responses to “Obama”

  1. I’ll be in the same bind, come the next elections. Three parties, and all of ’em may as well be the conservatives. I’ll probably end up voting for whoever looks like losing in our constituency—a vote against the majority rather than for the minority, if you see what I mean. That or I might just find me a dessert island…

  2. What is meant my conservatives? What is wrong with them?

  3. As in the Conservative party. I’m British. Not that I’ve got much love for small-c conservatives either. It’s just this idea I have that ‘Let the market sort it out’ isn’t a policy that’ll even sort out fiscal problems, let alone environmental or social ones.

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