The Final Countdown

Summer is almost over. The Library program Sage was enrolled in has finished (She won a t-shirt for reading over 30 hours in the six week period), Art class was done yesterday (They built a giant cardboard city for their final project), and Monday is the last day of Swimming. School starts September 6 for Sage, August 31 for me.

Sage’s birthday starts a melancholy few weeks for me. She gets older, three weeks later I get older, and three weeks later is the anniversary of my dad’s death. Even nine years later it stall casts a pall over the month of September, and as it draws nearer and nearer, I tend to get in a darker frame of mind and withdraw more within myself.

Other than driving Sage around town and planning family get-togethers, I haven’t been doing much of anything. I haven’t looked at my quilts in a month or so, and my reading project is on a temporary hiatus, though not because of my apathy. You can only order a certain amount of books through the library, and all of mine are outstanding and unfilled, so I wait.

Mr. Alice is a fan of the Wheel Of Time series, or rather, he was a fan of the first six books, and now must read them all in a fit of pique or at least dogged determination. At any rate, the original author died, and so another was chosen to complete the series by the name of Brandon Sanderson. So he has been working his way through Mr. Sanderson’s books, and I have been reading them as well.

When he’s home, he’s been using the laptop for his Civ V game, and during the day, I’m taking Sage here and there, so there’s not a lot of time for blogging, but once school gets going, I ought to be around more frequently. Ah, life. Hope things are going well for all you out there!


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