I’m shocked.

Republican leaders are hypocrites.

I know, you can’t believe it either.

Who’s really responsible for our massive budget deficit? Who’s really responsible for our explosion in government spending?

The same hypocrites who are now shoving their faces in front of TV cameras and preaching about the need for fiscal responsibility.

The real problem is the voters who keep them in office, and that’s where I truly get baffled. How can anyone vote for a person who is trying to destroy everything they have? There are no jobs because of the Republicans, the economy crashed because of the Republicans, you are going to lose Social Security, Medicare, etc, because of the Republicans.

I will never understand why they keep putting them in office..


4 Responses to “I’m shocked.”

  1. Tut tut! Wasn’t it you that was telling me it’s because they have The Dream that they’ll be on the gravy train, when I asked this the other week? :-)

    Still an’ all, though, I don’t really get it either. Right-wing parties do seem to have more stupidly-loyal voters than lefty parties, though bog knows why.

  2. Guilty as charged. Curse you and your memory!

    It’s true that I think they all believe themselves to be momentarily embarrassed millionaires and so do not want to vote against their own millionaire interests…it’s how they can hold this view that continues to astonish me. Is there no self-awareness of one’s condition? Of course, I expect these tend to be the same people who have other, more elaborate, cognitive dissonances within their minds. Suppose it’s a mental illness?

  3. Mental illness or just an inability to face reality? Either way it’s quite scary that that many people adopt it.

  4. This is just another ideological rant aimed at the Republicans. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are to blame. Ideologies are neither wrong or right. Ideologies never solved anything. Some people want the world to be one way, others another. A real issue is whether anybody should have the right and/or power to tell others what to do.

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