American Atheists have had to file a lawsuit for equal representation, since their repeated offers and request have been denied. Naturally, the trolls are out in full force, made worse by the fact that this is about a 9/11 memorial.

American Atheists object to WTC cross, ask for equal treatment

Atheists ask that if the World Trade Center (WTC) cross be included in the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum, a memorial to the Godless should be included as well.

American Atheists have repeatedly offered to fund a suitable memorial to atheists, freethinkers and other non-religious victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack, yet all such offers have been ignored. Hence the lawsuit. Atheists are asking that either the cross be removed from the memorial, or equal space be granted to a memorial for atheists, freethinkers and the non-religious.

Over 50% of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum is being funded by tax dollars. Many feel that to single out Christians for special recognition while ignoring the hundreds of victims who were not Christian is wrong.

The following is a sample of opinions pulled from the American Atheists Facebook page concerning the recently announced lawsuit:

I agree with you guys on an awful lot, but in this particular case, I think you really need to stop taking yourselves so seriously and get a life.

Are you kidding me? Are we talking about that iron cross that was left behind at the Ground Zero site? And you want it removed WHY? I’m an atheist, but this just sounds spiteful and childish.

I’m so heartily sick of Christians right now. Just flabbergasted to be honest. Why am I continually surprised at the depth of assholishness that they can go to?


14 Responses to “Typical”

  1. Standard Godless crap. I’m not even Christian and I have no problems with the cross being in the museum, nor do I think that the Godless have any call for one for themselves since they don’t pray and, hence, don’t need memorials.

    Get over your anti-Theist crap and maybe you’ll be more accepted. Keep sniping at people and engaging in paper terrorism and you’ll likely be treated accordingly .

  2. “nor do I think that the Godless have any call for one for themselves since they don’t pray and, hence, don’t need memorials.”

    A memorial isn’t about praying. Certainly it can be used for that, but it’s not exclusive.

    I wonder how the Jewish victims of 9/11 feel about being memorialized by a cross?

  3. The objection is not to the cross itself but the exclusion of everyone who does not fall under the auspices of this Christian symbol.

    Just because someone does not pray does not mean that they don’t need memorials. For example, buried atheist and agnostics have headstones, famous ones sometimes have buildings or other monuments, etc.

    Discrimination is impossible to “get over”, one must deal with it daily.

    I’m not particularly looking for “acceptance”, simply the equal rights guaranteed to me, and all the other atheists, by the Constitution.

  4. So it’s discrimination now? How? Christians applied symbolism to a piece of wreckage and it’s going to be in the museum. Atheists didn’t and have nothing of that nature to include in the museum and this is discrimination?

    Funny how – as the other Godless questioned – the Jews and the Pagans / Heathens like myself aren’t complaining. It’s just the Godless … as always.

    Your kind just can’t stomach any public displays of belief, which you have no right to be shielded from, and you need to get over it or get out.

  5. jonolan translated:

    Shut up your whining, Rosa! Just be grateful you’re allowed on the bus at all.

  6. That’d be a gross, but expected, mis-translation, Daz. This would be closer, if one is to keep with the public transport analogy, the bus driver saying “Rosa” couldn’t bring her bike, wagon, scooter, or dog on the bus.

    There’s no atheist memento from the WTC. There’s only a Christian one because a bunch of them placed value in a freaking cross-beam – no relevance, no inclusion.

  7. Your grasp of analogy is as good as your grasp of politics I see, Jonalon.

    Atheists aren’t saying ‘you can’t have the religious memorial,’ they’re merely saying ‘we’d like to have one too, and we’re not even asking you to pay for it.’

    Oh and that ‘anti-theist crap’ you speak of doesn’t exist. Anti- religion in government, anti- religion in the classroom, etc, yep. Anti-religion? Nope.

  8. That would actually be a valid point, Daz, if the Godless had attached some significance to some piece of the wreckage as the Christians did, weird and sad as that seems to me. They didn’t though, so there’s no valid reason to include whatever monument they want in what is a museum and well as a monument.

    And the anti-Theism of so many of you is proven by your own statement. You all hate any public expression of religion and want it relegated to the home and whatever churches you’d allow to continue to exist.

  9. A valid reason for a memorial would be that someone wanted one, which, plainly, enough atheists do; or there wouldn’t be this fuss, now, would there? Just because it wouldn’t be a lump of wreckage doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a valid memorial.

    You all hate any public expression of religion and want it relegated to the home and whatever churches you’d allow to continue to exist.

    There’s a big difference between ‘public expression of religion’ and ‘enacting or repealing laws based on what an ancient, contradictory and morally corrupt book says a nonexistent morally corrupt being wants’. You want to live your life governed by a fairy tale, go ahead. Or maybe you’re just happy being told how to live based on someone else’s fairy tale that you don’t even believe. I’m not.

  10. You’re refusing to get the point, Daz. It’s a museum as much as it’s a memorial. What’s in it has to be connected to 9/11 and the WTC’s destruction. Atheists don’t have anything comparably relevant for inclusion.

    If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t have had a problem with the Godless’ complaint. I’d even be on your side if it was just another public memorial and they were including only a Christian religious symbol.

  11. Gimme a minute; I’m on the phone to the Natural History Museum in London. I’m tellin’ ’em that they have to lose all the statues, as they’re not ‘natural’ history.

    Try swapping the two nouns around, in your second sentence. That the sentence then says exactly the same thing, yet makes the rest of the paragraph nonsense. If it were merely a museum, then other religious symbols wouldn’t be being included.

    I’d even be on your side if it was just another public memorial and they were including only a Christian religious symbol.

    Oh, really? I take it you recant your sentiment that atheists should ‘get over it or get out’ when faced with public expressions of belief, then?

    [Personal note: I think AA should have steered clear here. They’re right in principle but I can’t see any way they’re going to come out of this looking good in the court of public opinion, no matter how technically right they are. Doesn’t seem like a well-picked battle.]

  12. No, Daz; Religious – or any other – symbols that are relevant to the historical context of the museum would be included – or do you Godless plan on getting rid of all the religious art in any museum that gets public funds? Of course you aren’t according to your own words.

    As for my sentiment – no; I will never recant that but I would side with you if this were merely a 9/11 monument because the inclusion of Christian symbolism alone would be wrong at some levels.

  13. How is any religious art ‘relevant to the historical context of the museum’? Didn’t you just say “What’s in it has to be connected to 9/11 and the WTC’s destruction”? The only connection religion had with 9/11 was that it provided an excuse to perpetrate the act of terrorism.

    Please note: I am not saying that such art shouldn’t be included, just that art or other symbols of a memorial nature which aren’t religious should also be included, if asked for. It has been asked for, but refused.

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    but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both
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