Stuff and things

It’s so very nice to have Mr. Alice back to work, and to have my laptop all to myself again.

I finished The Story of Art, and started in on Eminent Victorians, more to come on that tomorrow.

I made a fabulous birthday cake for him, on a Reese’s theme. Double chocolate on the inside, peanut butter frosting on the outside, decorated with mini Reese’s cups. It was ridiculously good.

For his birthday dinner, I asked him what he wanted and he (somewhat facetiously) replied, “Meat.” So, I had his mother make a chicken casserole, my mother made spareribs. I bought some pepperoni rolls, and made a pasta salad with bacon in it. We had family over and hung out and had a really nice evening.

Got Sage’s birthday party all set, she’s having a friends party at the bowling alley on July 31, and family over at our place for cake and ice cream on the first. I’m going with a red velvet cake, white icing, and red M&Ms to decorate.

Other than taking her to swim and art and library, we’ve been keeping indoors. Nasty heat wave here right now.

The little patio garden is loving the weather though.


6 Responses to “Stuff and things”

  1. Drool. Slobber. Salivate. Suddenly my store-bought apple sponge-cake doesn’t look so inviting.

    Sage is heading into double-figures, yes? Not long until the Dreaded Change

  2. Oi, soon enough. She’s going to be nine actually.

    Oh that clip is so true.. -laughs-

  3. You’re doing economonicics, si I assume you’re good with figures…

    Have a go at question 3 on this, will ya? I’ve figured out where I went wrong, but I’m obviously not the only one and I can’t figure out why so many people should make such a silly mistake.

    (Rustiguzzi posted it on the comments on my bit about Money Bags.)

  4. omg, Alice– that cake looks illegal;-) Did you save me a piece? No sooner does poor Alice get her laptop back from Mr. Alice, than Daz and I come over and drool on it…

    Happy-Birthday-Soon Sage! We have the same birthday (Aug 1)! Excellent day for a birthday– and I only know of two other people who had it. Kin-san and Gin-san (“Gold” and “Silver”), the oldest twins in the world back in 2000 (Kin-san, the elder twin, passed away Jan 23, 2000 at 107 years old; her sister Gin-san passed away at 108 on 28Feb 2001). They were super genki right up to the end of their lives– I remember frequently seeing them on tv commercials in ’98, ’99 after I’d come to Japan. They were very cool:-)

  5. After looking at it (and making the same mistake, adding 4090+10 and getting 5000), I expect that it has something to do with pattern recognition. 5000 makes sense in the pattern. I’m afraid I can’t go any deeper than that.

  6. It was ridiculously good, Amy. And no, that thing was gone in a couple days!

    Oh, how interesting, mine’s the 23rd, and I knew two people in my hometown with the same birthday, one even the same year, same school, same grade.

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