Religion Harms

‘God told him’ to rape and stab couple

Kalebu told the courtroom on Wednesday: “I was there and I was told by my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to attack my enemies, and I did so.”

This is some fucked up shit. Two women living their lives, trying to be happy, somehow makes them his enemies?!


5 Responses to “Religion Harms”

  1. But all those high-profile Christians shouting from the rooftops that homosexuality is ‘perverted’ and ‘destroying family values’ aren’t at all to blame, oh on. Not their fault if someone actually acts on their words…

    Here’s another, totally unrelated, bit of sickness for you.

  2. ‘Oh on’? I seem to have dyslexic fingers! Meant ‘oh no’, obviously.

  3. Ugh.

    I’m too tired for any other comment on that.

  4. You’ll love this one then!

    Tired at 10 am? Sounds like someone’s overworking…

  5. What a crock of shit. I want to shake that guy and just yell, “NO!” in his face.

    Hey, I had a very busy day yesterday, and today doesn’t look much better!

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