Grow Up

This is such a perfect sentiment, whoever came up with it is brilliant.

Grow Up

[Via sansdeity at reddit.]

Theists are exactly like children in that way, unwilling to simply be responsible for themselves, instead relying on someone else to be the authority, to tell them how to live their lives. I think this captures the mix of disgust and pity that many atheists feel towards them.


4 Responses to “Grow Up”

  1. Best reply I ever saw, when someone was asked if they were born again:

    “No, I got it right the first time.”

    (BTW, got some stale home-baked here, £15 a slice…)

  2. Ha! Love that answer.

    Ack, that’s $24USD! Too rich for my blood.

    BTW, I figured out what happened with all that. When I was doing my Rocks! post, I copied the info from the Cookies! one and in the process, somehow changed it to be sticky, so that it stayed at the top. Everything ought to be normal now. Or at least as normal as things get around here.

  3. Best. Reply. Ever! I sat there with my mouth open for almost a minute thinking “why didn’t *I* think of that?”

    Like both answers, actually– have duly filed both in front for future reference:-))

  4. Awwww. ‘Normal’ is boring!

    Amy, your suggested ‘If it helps you’ reply to ‘I’ll pray for you,’ still takes the biscuit though, for sheer snark. I’m still waiting for the perfect time to deploy that.

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