Finals all done, and I’m done with school til September. Should have grades within the week, I’ll let you know.

I changed some structural things, added a Book List (copying off Daz), added a Flickr photostream (copying off Amy), put in a little blurb that says what book I’m reading now, and added some links to the Religion Harms page that I didn’t have time to blog about, and messed with the header image a bit (though I’m still not pleased with it).


10 Responses to “Maintenance”

  1. Books and pics– yay!! Looks very nice–like the furniture’s all moved in now:-))

  2. Yup, I’m definitely home now!

  3. Don’t know if you’re still looking for ideas for the header, but might I suggest sprinkles as a background? (We call them ‘hundreds and thousands’ by the way.)

    Oh and I will get my book-list page sorted sometime, honest. It got interrupted by my virus-experience and a kind of selective writer’s block set in. Only problem I found with the ‘currently reading’ thing was that I kept forgetting to update it, or get so into a book that I’d finish it before my next visit to the PC.

    Anyway, welcome to your new home. :-)

    Here’s a housewarming present for Religion Harms. Not sure on the date, but that one’s always current.

  4. Daz, your comment got marked as Spam! I found that entirely too amusing.

    I am, that’s a good idea, I’ll have to mess around with that. It just seems so dull right now.

    I’m sure you will, sometimes these things need to sit on ice for a while until you get an inspiration.

    Oh, awesome, thanks, I’ll link that up post haste!

  5. Mm, delicious Spam. Well played!

  6. Okay, there’s the new header. What do you think?

  7. That’s better. Adds a dash of colour. (They’re still called hundreds and thousands though.)

  8. Yes but “Hundreds and Thousands of Alice” sounds rather disturbing…

  9. Hehe. The Alicopocalypse…

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