Religion Harms

Muslim man accused of killing stepdaughter

Twenty-year-old Jessica Mokdad just wanted to live a normal American life.

But her stepfather, Rahim Alfetlawi, wanted to control her every move in an effort to force her to live his idea of a very conservative Muslim lifestyle, her family and police said.

Alfetlawi became her stepfather shortly before her ninth birthday. The family moved to Minnesota, where Alfetlawi forced his stepdaughter to wear a hijab and made her almost a prisoner in their home, said her father, Mohamad Mokdad.

Her mother told police Alfetlawi felt shamed by his stepdaughter’s Western ways: She wore shorts and sleeveless tops. She didn’t want to wear the hijab.

Jessica Mokdad also had a boyfriend. When Alfetlawi found out the relationship had been physical, he forced them to marry in 2009 in a religious — but not legally binding — ceremony in a mosque, Mohamad Mokdad said.

The police and Macomb County prosecutors say Alfetlawi shot her execution-style.

Mokdad’s mother told police that Alfetlawi felt so shamed by her daughter’s Western ways, he killed her in an honor killing, Warren Police Sgt. Stephen Mills said.

It’s always the children who get hurt…


6 Responses to “Religion Harms”

  1. All because he felt ‘shamed’ by her. In other words, he thought she made him look bad, like he wasn’t a ‘real man’ because she wasn’t acting in accordance with his wishes.

    Welcome to the 14th century. Actually, no. This would have been an unusually extreme case even then.

  2. It’s sickening. I really can’t come up with the words to describe how disgusted and furious it makes me.

  3. You and me both. Some days, I just run out of expletives.

  4. Talking of extreme misogyny, did you see this deranged pool of pavement pizza?

  5. Ugh. What a cesspool of slime and hatred. I feel like I need to bleach my brain after reading that. At the same time, its truly terrifying to read the open advocation for rape.

    To my feminist brain it almost seems so far over the top so as to be a satirical, Onion-type piece, but upon further looking through it seems that this bastard is for real. It’s truly mind boggling that people can be that full of hate.

  6. Remember, people like him are allowed to vote!

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