What with writing a big paper and studying for an even bigger exam, I’ve not had time to write lately.

So, here, enjoy some pictures. They’re worth 4000 words, right?

For the Visual Arts badge, Sage had to draw a picture using Perspective (after reading up on what it was).

And here’s the first little goodies from my tiny little patio garden.


Cherry tomatoes!

And last but not least, iceberg lettuce.


2 Responses to “Scenery”

  1. Nice drawing, Sage! Well done! (totally jealous of your strawberries… and cherry tomatoes… and iceberg lettuce… looks delish! Coming along *very* nicely indeed:-))

  2. They got a really good headstart. We had rain for two weeks straight, then the temp shot into the 90s for a week. (And our A/C went out!) So they’ve pretty much been in a greenhouse for the month.

    She loves to draw. She was actually picked to be in an artshow in 2009, had an artwork displayed in the local hospital’s gallery.

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