Religion Harms

Riviera Beach couple charged with child neglect

A Riviera Beach couple was arrested Wednesday night for child neglect, after allegedly telling police that they live life in God and don’t need to work despite not having any money to feed their toddler.

“Neil (Vilain) says he lives day-to-day and does not think about the future of the family. He says he leaves that in the hands of God.”

I have so much rage at people who do this to innocent children. You want to fuck up your own life, fine, but the poor little ones just break my heart.

Also, since this seems like it’s going to be a regular feature, I’ve started a page with all of these “Religion Harms” posts.

Maybe it will open someone’s eyes.


8 Responses to “Religion Harms”

  1. My jaw has dropped off again and rolled under something… excuse me while I retrieve it.

    Absolutely incredible. The way Americans live is ‘evil’… so that justifies neglecting their child and *stealing* in order to live? Whaaa…?

  2. I keep seeing things like this and thinking, “That can’t be real. Not in 2011!?” It’s not the Dark Ages! There are government programs, and social services..and What ever happened to “Thou shalt not steal…?” and … It’s just simply appalling.

  3. To quote your recent post on my blog…


    That’s two in a row you’ve posted where I can’t actually think of anything to say.

  4. Oops. Posting to subscribe, as I forgot to tick the box.

  5. It’s truly appalling… and there are so many examples!

  6. Tsk, tsk, Daz. They say the mind is the first thing to go…

  7. Ah, that left years ago. There’s a nasty rumour that my brain fell out when I had my ear pierced.

    (Not as nasty as the one about copper wire being invented by two Scotsmen fighting over a penny.)

  8. Well, I have heard that Scots Invented the Modern World, after all…

    Hey wait, I have two piercings in each ear..

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