There’s been a lot of religion bitter here lately and so I though it needed some sweetening up.

And everyone loves cookies, right?


1 stick butter
1/2 C milk
4 Tbsp Hershey’s Cocoa
2 C sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 C peanut butter
3 C oatmeal

Melt butter completely.

(I’ve substituted soy butter with no problems.

Stir in milk.

(I’ve substituted almond milk, soymilk,

coconut milk, and rice milk

and all worked fine.)

Add cocoa.


It must be this kind,

nothing else will do!


(I swear you can taste

the cheap kind.)

Mix in sugar completely.

Bring to a boil

that you can’t stir down,

and then step back

and let it boil without interruption

for exactly one minute.

Then shut the heat off

and pour the vanilla in.

You have to kind of move

quickly at this point

so it’s a good idea to have

everything already set out.

If you don’t they might start

setting in the pot.

Melt in the peanut butter.

(Brand doesn’t matter,

on PB or the oats.)

Then stir in the oats,

a cup at a time,

until everything is

thoroughly mixed.

Set the pot on a hotpad

on the counter

and immediately move spoonfuls

to the wax paper covered trays.

Make sure they are on

cooling racks because they

can get very warm.

You can make them

as big or small as you want.

These are really big because we

crumbled them over ice cream later on.

They can cool on the counter

or set within the fridge.

These are my family’s ultimate favorite cookies. Enjoy!


10 Responses to “Cookies!”

  1. I saw ‘Cookies’ in the blogroll, and came right over! Those look amazingly good… I want to just put my hand right into the computer and have one:-)) Oatmeal and cocoa and peanut butter? Sounds totally awesome to me! Will have to give this a try–thanks!

  2. No one can resist the pull of cookies!

    Not that I’ve really done any research on the matter but these kind of cookies seem to be a Southern thing created during the Great Depression. This one has been passed down from at least my great-grandmother, who was originally from Missouri.

    They’re irresistible.

  3. Weird. This post’s not showing on the homepage. I had to go back to my mail, and click the link from there.

    Thanks for the hanky. :-)

  4. Correction. It is there, but filed under ‘June 10th’.

  5. Yes, it was initially posted on June 10th. Note Amy’s comment on June 11th.

    I wondered when I got the comment notification. Apparently cold toast really messes with you. ;)

  6. “Apparently cold toast really messes with you. ;)”

    Now that really would be a cheap high! I can see it now. The Toast Regulatory Boards, the bread-smugglers… “Psst! Wanna buy a slice of fresh granary? Unbuttered!”

  7. All those little mom and pop bakeries being raided by the CIA… Cause you know the Puritans the USA would ban it almost immediately. And then there’d be a Legalize Bread campaign…

  8. My spouse and i quite agree, my fridge is often half empty, just a point, you shouldn’t store bread in a very fridge and the eggs ought to be in the door. Take off the school marm loath now, It’s my deep freeze that’s jam packed complete, as I cook added helpings to freeze, the trouble is I still undertake it even when the fridge is full, Did that yesterday, made soup and being forced to juggle the stuff around to match the surplus into the actual freezer. Keely Ekhoff

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