Human Species

I found this fascinating.

Edit: Changed the embed code to make it work right


4 Responses to “Human Species”

  1. The video seems to be too wide for your main div. Screenshot (with callipers overlaid)

    (If you already know this, kindly disregard. Quicker to just say it in case you don’t than to wait on the reply process.)

    When you click in YT to get the embed code, look down on the bottom-right and you’ll see there’s a ‘Customized’ option. Just type in the required width (I’d say between 400 and 440 for your set-up), and the height will set automatically. Then copy the embed code.

  2. Ooh, interesting. I had no idea. Thanks!

  3. Okay, hopefully it’s all fixed now, thanks again!

  4. Yep, looks fine here. Glad to help, geek that I am. :-)

    Oh, and it’s a great video, by the way. In fact, all AronRa’s are good. And damn, can he ever talk fast!

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