The Book List

Daz (over at The Dixie Flatline) has requested a list of books that have been important to me.

I actually have three lists, one for each member of the family.

My list (in no real order):

Beowulf – Anonymous
1984 – Orwell
The Prince – Machiavelli
Stranger In A Strange Land – Heinlein
Wuthering Heights – Bronte
Flowers For Algernon – Keyes
Foundation Series – Asimov
Hitchhiker Series – Adams
Dune Series – Herbert
Ender’s Game – Card
All Works – Kipling
All Works – Poe
Team of Rivals – Goodwin
Roman Empire — Gibbon
Sovereign Ladies – Waller
Scots Invented the Modern World – Herman
General Theory – Keynes
Wealth of Nations – Smith
Too Big To Fail – Sorkin
Quants – Patterson

Mr. Alice:

Dark Tower series – King
Jewels Series – Bishop
Kushiel Series – Carey
First Law Series – Abercrombie
Belgariad Series – Eddings
Lord of the Rings Series – Tolkien
Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe Series – Lewis
Game of Thrones Series – Martin
Discworld Series – Pratchett
Sword of Truth Series – Goodkind *
Wheel of Time Series – Jordan *


Secret Garden – Burnett
Velveteen Rabbit – Williams
Trumpet of the Swan – White
Dr. Dolittle – Lofting
Little Women – Alcott
Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Atwater
I Love The Night – Hosta
Encyclopedia Brown Series – Sobol
Nancy Drew Series – Keene
Little House Series – Wilder
Dark Is Rising Series – Cooper

* – The later books in these series are problematic and occasionally really, really bad.


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